My Favorite Prime Day 2020 Deals

The year 2020 has really thrown everyone a curveball and Amazon postponed their Prime Day from July until October. I shop on Amazon for a lot of my household items, some groceries, and even clothes – I’m a big fan of Amazon brands for comfortable leisure items. Below are a few of my favorite items from Prime Day this year – I’ll update this post if I find new/better deals! Prime Deals are only for members who have Amazon Prime, which is worth it alone for the video content in my opinion…

A great feature of Amazon is choosing your delivery day – after the thrill of getting a package every day wore off I really started to think about how wasteful it was, so now I set my delivery day and all my orders for the week get rolled into as few boxes/deliveries as possible.

You can also shop small AND shop local on Amazon! Click here to explore woman-owned, black-owned, military family-owned, and more on Amazon! A lot of folks have hesitations and reservations about shopping on Amazon (big business, sustainability concerns, etc.) and that’s completely valid, but they’re doing some things to make it easier to support small business owners and I love that! 

Disclosure: there are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Below are a few of my favorite household and personal items that would be great to buy for yourself or for a gift.

  • Roomba – If you have a pet and also have floors, I highly recommend a Roomba. Jess bought me one for Christmas a few years ago and although I’d normally not advocate for appliances as holiday gifts, this one was spot on. We love it! There are a lot of different versions, so read the reviews and specs to find which one is for you. We have this model and it works great. 
  • Serving dish – I love a good chip and dip, which is why I added this serving dish to my cart ASAP this morning. Correlle makes quality dishes at a very affordable price. And this pieces is gorgeous! There are several accompanying dishes and serving platters that coordinate. 
  • Litter box – We have two cats and two dogs, so top-entry litterboxes are a must.This one is our favorite and we’ve since purchased another one. 
  • Dutch oven – I use my dutch oven regularly, but this one is slightly smaller so I’ve added it to my cart today. And, c’mon, how. beautiful are these colors?? 
  • Airpods – If you have been waiting to grab Apple’s AirPods, they’re significantly discounted today which is rare. 
  • Mario Badescu facial spray kit – Ok, I have to admit I bought Mario Badescu facial spray because of an Instagrammer but it is kind of a delightful product. 
  • Eucerin lotion – This isn’t flashy, but this lotion is fantastic for dry, scratchy, and itchy skin! I go through bottles of it throughout the winter so I’m stocking today. 
  • 23 and Me DNA kits are 50% off! This isn’t for everyone (ahem, Jess), because not everyone wants to know or wants to share their DNA results, but I think I’m going to get myself one today! 
  • Sweatpants – these joggers are on my wishlist and I may or may not have sent a hint to a few folks today…
  • Amazon Essentials Stretch Jegging – I have these pants in three colors. They’re comfortable, look nice, and I find that they run true to size.
  • Amazon Tech – If you have been waiting for a good deal to grab up some amazon tech, now is the time!  They have Kindles, Echos, Ring Doorbells, and more. 
  • Activewear for the family is on sale because lets be honest, 2020 is the year for leisure wear… 
  • 2020’s joke of the year…toilet paper and cleaning supplies! 
  • Toys and games for the kiddos! 
  • Lightning Deals can be found here – they change hourly so check back in regularly if you’re looking for some surprises! 

Happy shopping! Let me know what you bought or your favorite deals in the comments. 

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