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Hey, y’all, I’m Amanda Jayne – welcome! Browse around a bit to find all the things that keep me occupied while I am at home and all the details about my life on the road. 

When this blog came to life in my mind, I kept thinking of all the things I could focus on – travel (and specifically solo female travel), cooking & baking, gardening – but then I realized I’d forever be wondering why I chose this over that.  

Thus, Amanda At Home & Abroad was created. This space is about all the things that keep me going. I love to explore this beautiful world. I have no hesitations in packing up a backpack for a camping trip in the American West, but I also feel right at home sipping tea in The Orangery at Kensington Palace. When I’m not out adventuring, my kitchen is my laboratory where I create gorgeous and tasty meals and my backyard is proof that I’m an aspiring green thumb. I am that girl who always has a book on her person…although I’m slowly transitioning into a Kindle-user and frankly I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t like to waste my time with salads and (I’m sorry in advance) have never watched Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music. I’m sure I will eventually, we just didn’t watch a lot of movies or TV when I was growing up. 

For as long as I can remember, traveling has been the underscore of my life. I am extremely fortunate to have had parents that took my brother and I on adventures and if you want to know why I am the way that I am – look no farther than mom and dad. 

These days, I live in Indiana with my high school sweetheart husband (sickeningly cute, I know) and our two cats Leonard DiCatrio and Kat Winslet. We are still mourning the loss of both our dogs in 2021, but will probably be adopting a puppy soon! 

I’m a scientist by education, but a fundraising professional by trade. I also am a chronic side-hustler, never saying no to some consulting work.  However, I’ve always said my dream job would be to create custom experience itineraries for people looking to explore my favorite planet…and guess what? I’m one step closer! You can now work with me to book your next dream trip. I’m excited and proud to be a Fora Advisor and look forward to sharing some sweet hotel perks with y’all. 

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for some inspiration, contact me here, or just send an email to hello@amandaathomeandabroad@gmail.com. 

dani faulkenberry photography